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Picture Galleries: I don't like getting dressed on a sunday morning

It was a cold winter this year and on this particular Sunday I had a photoshoot arranged for about lunchtime that I was supposed to get up to go to, but because it was so cold outside I just stayed in bed where it was warm. The photographer wondered why Kari Sweets didn't turn up and he came to my house looking for me, I answer the doors in my bed clothes and he said he would rather take pics of me like that.

Picture Galleries: Here's me playing in my outdoor pool

I recently got one of these outdoor temporary pools from a friend of mine, and when the weather is good I like to play around it in. I know my next door neighbour has two horny male kids who like to watch me while I am topless sunbathing sometimes and that is why I kinda like to give them a good show whenever I go outside nowdays, so they must have been suprised when they saw me stripping off in the pool. They must go back to school telling everyone about Kari Sweets and what she does.

Picture Galleries: My first ever nude photo shoot I was so nervous

I had never even shown my boobs on camera before, so being convinced to get naked was something I was a bit wary of. I was so nervous that I was shaking and I even had goosebumps before we started taking the pics, but once I got into the flow of things it was just fine and I was even enjoying myself. I think I will get naked on camera for the site more now.

Picture Galleries: Here is me getting ready for bedtime

It was late at night and I was so tired after a long day of taking photos outside in the local hotspots, but I thought hell, why not and got into my new set of pyjamas and decided to show them off along with my brand new frilly lingerie that I picked up at the weekend hopefully you will like it as it costed quite a lot and I am not sure whether it looks good on me email me at Kari Sweets to let me know.

Picture Galleries: I got a pair of boyshorts and they huge my ass so comfortably

My friend had a pair of these and she said "Kari Sweets, you have try these on, they are so nice", but I didn't believe her until she gave me a pair to try out. I felt a bit strange trying on another girl's used underwear but once I did I realised why she offered them to me, boyshorts are amazing and I love wearing them now. I have a huge collection of my own.

Picture Galleries: My first time I ever showed by boobs on camera

After I had got naked on camera once, people wanted more of me. I wasn't really afriad of posing for all the fans of Kari Sweets again, but I didn't want to go fully naked again incase someone walked in on me being photographed, so that's why I thought I would show off my breasts and see if anyone liked them as I am very insecure about both my boobies and my butt and I worry about them a lot.

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Hi guys and girls, my name is Kari Sweets and the question that most people ask me when they see my own site on the web is how I got into it, well it was mainly because I have always wanted to be a model and I have no experience so I though I would make my own site to try it out.

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